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Termite Control

Termites cost homeowners millions of dollars annually. As one of your biggest financial investments, protecting your home or business should be a high priority. 

Let us protect your home and business 

We Offer partial treatments, spot treatments, pre-construction soil and wood framed treatments


  • Partial Treatment: This technique allows a wide variety of treatment strategies but is more involved than a spot treatment. Ex: treatment of some or all of the perimeter, bath traps, expansion joints, stress cracks, portions of framing, walls and bait locations.

  • Pier and beam: Generally defined as the treatment of the outer perimeter including porches, patios and treatment of the attached garage. in the crawl space, treatment would include any soil to structure contacts as well as removal of any wood debris on the ground.  Slab Construction: Generally defined as treatment of the perimeter and all known slab penetrations as well as any known expansion joints or stress cracks. 

  • Spot Treatment: Any treatment which concerns a limited, defined area less than ten linear feet or square feet that is intended  protect a specific location or "spot". Often there are adjacent areas susceptible to termite infestation, which are not treated.

  • Pre-Construction soil treatment: Referred also as "pre treats" Most new structures in the U.S are treated against termites before the slab is poured. 

  • Pre-Construction borate treatment: Treatment of the wood studs, framing lumber and wood panels. Treatment done in the new construction process before walls are in place an only wood frame is visible. 

  • Wood destroying insect report (WDIR): An official state form required by lenders to inspect for previous or present  wood destroying insect activity. Lets buyers know of any conducive conditions that may cause wood destroying insect activity.

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