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Residential Pest Control

How it works

Our custom treatments can help control most common household insects like ants, spiders, millipedes, pill bugs, earwigs, wasps(reachable by extend pole), fleas and ticks in the yard. 

It starts with initial visit,  service technician will start with inspection of interior (including attic) and exterior to assess any ongoing pest activity, and to identify any possible areas of concern.

After inspection we will customize a treatment for your specific needs, most pests can be controlled by our 5 step approach which includes:

  • Interior treatment, baseboards, entry points, garage and attic areas for long term control.

  • Exterior treatment, along foundation, entry points, windows and eaves. also yard treatment for fire ants, fleas and ticks

  • Removing spider webs and any wasp nests reachable by extend pole.

  • Monitoring, placing of insect monitors in key areas for identification of possible pest activity.

  • follow up, following up on ongoing insect activity to successfully eliminate or control pests.

Warranty on quarterly service: In the unfortunate event any pest activity arises before our next visit we will come back to your home at no charge to you.

One time treatments include a 30 day warranty.

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