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Heat Treatment

Our heat process is a combined heat/chemical treatment for long term control. It is a combination of heaters and air movers as main use of control and a desiccant dust being applied to baseboards under carpeting, cracks and crevices and electrical outlets, this serves as preventative method for long term control. 


Target Organisms 

Although bed bugs are the primary target for heat treatment, it can also help in the reduction and/or elimination of many biological concerns such as: 

  • dust mites and associated allergens

  • viruses

  • bacteria

  • odor reduction-heat destroys the chemical basis of many odors in most cases it can help reduce and or eliminate odors.

The heat treatment process is specially beneficial to hotels, furnished/cluttered apartments, camp cabins, college dorms and low income housing​. 

We bring specially design equipment to raise the temperature in your home/business to kill the bed bugs. Heat treatment typically takes between 6 to 8 hours depending on the condition of the treatment area(s).


Bed bugs and eggs die withing 90 minutes at 120 degrees, we slowly raise the temperature at 145 degrees, our heat treatment technicians will hold that temperature for a minimum of 4 continuous hours to effectively eliminate bed bug activity, high powered fans are used throughout to ensure evenly spread heat. As part of treatment heat technicians will apply desiccant dust to baseboards under carpet, cracks and crevices and all possible hiding areas which will help with long term control.


  • Price starts at $.80 per square feet

  • Special pricing for hotels, multi-family, college dorms and low housing income properties(ask for details)

  • All heat treatments include a 6 month warranty.

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